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Basic Botany Slide Set

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Basic Botany Slide Set
Set of 25 glass microscope with botanical specimens representing the major plant groups:
Spirogyra, vegetative E.
Zea, stem TS. 
Chlamydomonas E. 
Zea (maize), root TS. 
Mucor, conjugation.
Pinus (pine) leaf TS. 
Prunus (cherry) leaf TS.
Helianthus, stem TS.
Fucus, dioecious antheridial and oogonial conceptacles.
Dryopteris prothallus with antheridia and archegonia E.
Tilia (lime) young and old stem TS.
Helianthus (sunflower) young root TS.
Spirogyra, conjugation E. 
Mnium, archegonial head VS.
Mnium (moss) antheridial head VS.
Saccharomyces (yeast) budding.
Dryopteris (fern), pinnule with sori TS.
Cucurbita (marrow) stem, for sieve tubes LS.
Ranunculus (buttercup) flower bud LS.
Pollen grains, wind and insect distribution E.
Allium (onion) root apex, mitosis LS.
Penicillium, mycelium, and conidia.
Marchantia (liverwort) thallus, antheridia VS.
Marchantia, thallus, archegonia VS.
Marchantia, developing sporogonium VS.
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